Thursday, June 6, 2019

Marc Faber: What should a Turkish investor do?

After successfully anticipating the 1987 Wall Street crisis, world-renowned investor Marc Faber, nicknamed kanal Doctor Doomsday ', answered the questions of economy journalist Erkan Öz in the Real Economy program on Youtube.

Faber made evaluations about the future of the world economy and Bitcoin.

Faber on the strong appearance of the dollar; While Central Banks like Europe, China and Japan are printing money, the Fed is going to shrink the balance sheet, and in this case, the Dollar remains relatively valuable against other currencies, but US President Donald Trump is not happy with the situation. Or Trump thinks the Fed is making a mistake. Who knows, maybe Fed has made a mistake. Kim

Faber said there was a significant slowdown in the global economy, a similar slowdown was observed in 2015, but this recession did not follow a recession, but this time he saw a high recession. He considered the possibility of recession as ın a higher probability than many people believe Res.

He said the Fed believes it will lower interest rates and that if the exchange rate falls by 10 percent, they will do so.
If you are in Turkey, you may need to keep more horses and silver

Faber reminded that the German economy was in trouble with the inflation between the years 1919-1923 and the Germans, who kept gold and silver in their hands, were lucky. Faber emphasized that he lost most of the population during that hyperinflation period and therefore bölüm It may be a good idea to keep gold and silver ett.

"The question is how much (gold and silver) should keep?" He reminded Faber, "If you live in Turkey, according to those who live in Switzerland or Japan may need to hold a larger amount," he said.

Faber also loved gold, but the central banks of the world compared to the amount of money in gold, silver and platinum performance could not be expected to draw attention.

renowned experts said that investors should be ready to diversify geographically, "If you are in Turkey and Turkey in all of your money if you are in an're more vulnerable to losses in value against the Turkish lira," he said.

Faber emphasized that it would be easier for investors to F hedge orsa themselves in a possible downtrend if part of their portfolio is located in the US, European or Asian markets.
”Bitcoin can become standard“

Faber said that he believes that 20-30 years later, the current children would not use paper money, he said:

Ebilir Blockchain technology is very interesting and Bitcoin can become a standard here. It's worth playing with a small portion of your money.

- Source, Paraanaliz