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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Marc Faber, The Media Has Become Incredibly Biased, Free Speech is Under Threat

Marc Faber answered questions in an e-mail exchange with The Globe and Mail.

Do you have any regrets about what you wrote in your latest newsletter?

Why should I regret stating historic facts?

People are interpreting what you wrote as racist, as you are clearly stating the superiority of whites in comparison to blacks.

From the perspective of economic progress and development clearly. Is the world a better place after 200 years of Western economic and political as well as military superiority? No, we whites have been extremely cruel, but I sometime wonder if other ethnic groups would have been any better????

Would you still write what you wrote knowing what has transpired? i.e., big backlash in the public, and being sacked from the 3 boards in Canada.

If saying what I said leads to these consequences I prefer not to be on these boards.

Do you think the actions of the three companies (Ivanhoe, Sprott & Novagold) to ask you to resign was appropriate, or do you think you should be allowed to keep those board seats?

I think the corporate world is now run by compliance people. In this context I understand their firing me. In the meantime another two companies asked me to resign – So 5 in one day.

Do you see any hypocrisy at all from the three companies in asking for your resignation?

Unfortunately, Western societies have become extremely hypocritical. Their so called moral superiority will take them down.

Are these companies as moral and upstanding as they profess to be? Sprott and Ivanhoe clearly state they have certain values that they uphold rigorously. Do you think they actually adhere to these values, or is this lip service designed to protect themselves?

Morals in the corporate world? "When it comes to money, everybody is of the same religion" = Voltaire. I am not God. I am not here to judge other people. One CEO stated that I must have been on some drugs when I wrote my Gloom Boom & Doom report. Since I have only taken Cocaine three times and marijuana about ten times in seventy years, I did not think these were appropriate comments.

Have any of the companies privately told you something different than what has been stated publicly?

Numerous board members have expressed their regrets that I am leaving their board.
Will the financial impact from losing income from those lost board seats impact you in a big way, or does it not really matter?

It will be a huge loss. I shall go back to being a waiter.

Does the public backlash bother you, or are you immune to this?

It bothers me greatly that I had to hear all the time I was at school and at University about enlightenment, freedom of speech and of expression that the media nowadays did not find anything better to do than to label me as racist. To call someone a racist is a form of low blow insult. Insult is the response of the weak to strength of character.

Have you had a significant amount of subscribers cancel their subscriptions to your newsletter as a result of the controversy?

No, I think most people actually agree with me and certainly defend freedom of expression even if it does not coincide with their views.

Does it bother you that the U.S. business channels say you will no longer be welcome as a guest?

It bothers me greatly that the media has become this biased against people with a different view.