, Marc Faber Blog: Gold and Cryptos Are Rising Due to Distrust in Paper Money

Friday, September 29, 2017

Gold and Cryptos Are Rising Due to Distrust in Paper Money

I think gold has bottomed out about 1.5 years ago in December 2015. Then we had a strong performance in 2016 where we came back. At the end of last year, we were again at a relatively low level and stocks were depressed. Since then gold mining ETF is up more than 18 percent vis-à-vis DSNP which is up by 9 percent. There are many gold shares that are up between 30 and 300 percent. In my view, the media in the U.S. has a very strong bias for FAM and FAM-related stocks. 

The mining sector does not obtain or receive the necessary attention from the media in the U.S. So, people don’t know how well gold shares are doing. You take American Barrick, Newmont Mining..these are big companies. From December 2015 to today, they are up maybe by 300-400 percent. That people don’t talk about. They talk about Google, Amazon. But the strong performance of the mining companies over the last 2-3 years is not mentioned. 

Now they had a big move recently because gold broke out above 1,300 dollars an ounce. So, they are near term overbought. But any investor when he thinks through..in Jackson Hole, you encounter the typical group thinking phenomena. Yellen, Draghi and Kuroda talking together. Of course they coordinate monetary policies and of course they will print more money in the long run. So the purchasing power of paper money is going down and so I would own some gold. The new thing is the cryptocurrencies. That is a wonderful thing. 

Why do we have crypto currencies? We have it because an increasing number of people don’t trust paper money anymore and they don’t want money that is controlled by the central banks, that pollutes Jackson Hole.

- Source, Bloomberg Quint