, Marc Faber Blog: Marc Faber Discusses, Is Donald Trump the Next Ronald Regan?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Marc Faber Discusses, Is Donald Trump the Next Ronald Regan?

Numerous people have compared victory of Donald Trump to Ronald Regan who became US president in 1980 and started his job in 1981 and they say well there will be a Trump bull market like the Regan bull market in the 80s. 

First of all when Regan got elected the market rallied into November 28 1980 but afterwards it went into bear market for two years until August 1982 and then afterwards I admit it had a huge bull run until 1987, Dow Jones from 800 to 2,700. But the point is that in November 1980 when Regan got elected there was a huge change in leadership. 

A wave from oil and gas which at that time made up to 28 percent of the S&P 500 to other stocks to this inflation beneficiaries and regardless of how you look at the world whether you are positive about Trump, negative or positive about the US dollar regardless of that that we are reaching a point which is also supported by the recent market action where we have a huge change in leadership away from stocks like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google to more basic industries to come out of their related companies.

- Source, Marc Faber via CNBC