, Marc Faber Blog: Extreme Money Printing Will Inflate Dow to 100,000

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Extreme Money Printing Will Inflate Dow to 100,000

Investment guru Marc Faber, famous for his dire predictions, thinks the Dow Jones Industrial Average could eventually soar to 100,000. Thursday, it closed near 18,240.

But in character with his “Dr. Doom” persona, the publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report newsletter, it won’t be pretty.

“In an extreme money-printing environment, the Dow Jones Industrial Average can go to 100,000,” Faber said in a recent interview with the Epoch Times.

He has long been a critic of global central banks, alleging that policymakers are manipulating the markets.

“So the madness in the present time may go on. In a manipulated market, it won’t end well, but you don’t know when it will not end well, and how far the manipulation can last,” he said.

“They could essentially monetize everything, and then you have state ownership. And through the central banking system, you introduce socialism and communism, which is state ownership of production and consumption. I don’t think the central bankers are intelligent and smart enough to understand the consequences of their monetary policies at present,” he said.

“I suppose the system will collapse before we become like Venezuela. In the West, if they start to print money, the end game will be brief. Within five years, I expect the system to implode.”

Faber isn't alone in predicting extreme volatility for the markets.

For his part, billionaire investor Mark Cuban says he has his "Trump hedge on," predicting stock market chaos if GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump wins the election.

In a recent interview on Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto's show "Coast to Coast," the "Sharktank" reality TV personality warns: "In the event Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind the market tanks."

Cuban explained that there "are so many external global influences" on the market. "You know, what money comes here when there is uncertainty overseas, what money goes into Treasurys, where does money go if rates go higher or lower?"

And then there's the November presidential election.

"I have my Trump hedge on," asserting "if the polls look like there's a decent chance Donald could win," he'd "put a hedge on" that's worth "over 100 percent of my equity positions and my bond position, as well, that protects me just in case he wins."

Other prominent financial experts aren't so pessimistic.

"Is there a recession around the corner? I don't see it," Yardeni, the president of independent firm Yardeni Research, told CNBC recently. Even as speculation abounds over the Federal Reserve's timing on tightening monetary policy, the market bull believes the trend is still up.

"The bottom line here is even if the Fed [hikes] in June, we are still talking about historically low interest rates," he told CNBC. "I do think that the dollar will continue to strengthen, and I do think some of the panic and concerns about the commodity markets were overdone at the beginning of the year."

- Source, News Max