Monday, April 18, 2016

Dr. Marc Faber: Federal Reserve Won't Stop Printing Money

Marc has decades of experience investing in global financial markets and he has wrote the book, Tomorrow's Gold- Asia's Age of Discovery.

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason opens the interview by asking Marc about how he thinks China will deal with the massive debt problems its state owned banks and municipalities have?

Marc jokes about Jason asking the Chinese government instead of him. Jason then asks Marc about what Kyle Bass is saying about China. Marc says the US mainstream financial media and Federal Reserve are talking about how bad things are in China and Europe to deflect attention from the US' debt problems.

Next, Jason asks Marc how much global central banks are coordinating their policies and doing market manipulations and market manipulations together?

Marc says he thinks there's no such thing as currency wars and that the US, UK, Japan and the ECB all coordinate monetary and interest rate policy together so they can take turns doing QE and devaluing their currencies.

Marc and Jason discuss where negative interest rate policy or NIRP fits into the equation.