Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The IMF is a Crooked Organization

The head of the IMF, which is a crooked organization anyway, she (Christine Lagarde) advocates a wealth tax on the rich -- a one time wealth tax of say 20% of their assets. I don’t know how they would implement that because a lot of people own their wealth through corporations.

She (Lagarde, proposes this), working for the IMF which doesn’t pay any tax at all. But this is government, you understand? Like Obamacare is good for ‘everybody,’ but not for members of Congress. This is like in (the book) Animal Farm, some pigs are more equal than others.

...We try, like you, we try to bring a different picture than what the media people do -- media people who are of course part of the part of the plan of the elite that populate the financial service industry. So they are all in favor, basically, of money printing.

Because as long as markets are strong, the viewership of TV stations that broadcast business news is not entirely collapsing. It has already gone down partly because of the competition from people like you because people prefer to listen to some truth than to continue with lies.

- Source, Marc Faber via King World News, Read More Here: